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Joining in a gospel movement that brings flourishing to the city as we worship God, love our neighbors, and shape culture.
Sundays at 5:00 p.m.  @  4729 Ellsworth Avenue   Pittsburgh, PA 15213    (412)  977-7751

Serving in Worship May 22, 2016

  • Welcoming/Ushers: Maggi Mizah, Melissa Wilson
  • Scripture Reader (John 16:5-15): Zach Wilson
  • Sermon: Archbishop Robert Duncan
  • Announcements: Jay Slocum
  • Communion Assistance: Jay Gilmer(setup), Catherine Slocum
  • Prayer Liturgy: Catherine Slocum
  • Music: Terry Timm, Michael VanNess (powerpoint)
  • Prayer Ministry: Linda Stewart, Julia Richards
  • Nursery: Sue Meyers, Kaylynn DeFusco, Doria Savisky
  • Pre-K Club: Emma Slocum, Lydia Slocum
  • Kid's Club: Brooke Balliet

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Donate to the work of Jonah's Call. You may use a a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. It is not necessary to have or setup a PayPal account to donate.

Bishop's Visitation

Using the Gospel reading from the Lectionary, Bishop Duncan will preach and celebrate at his annual visit, this Trinity Sunday. This will be the final visit of our beloved Bishop as he nears his retirement. Please be sure to be a part of this festive service that will include confirmation.

This Week's Sermon

  • 5/29/2016 (Titus 2: 1-9)

This Sunday, we will hear testimony from members of our congregation with a focus on instances where God’s work in their lives is growing them as Disciples. Join us for Testimony Sunday.

Joining a Service Team: June, July & August

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Each week it takes 30 people to make our service happen between  helping during the service, serving our kids or helping with hospitality.  If you are not already plugged in or if you would like to serve on additional teams please reach out to Melissa Wilson, this week.  We are starting to work on the new service schedule for June-August so now is a great time to join a team.  We'll train you and make sure  you have everything you need. 

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