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Joining in a gospel movement that brings flourishing to the city as we worship God, love our neighbors, and shape culture.
Sundays at 5:00 p.m.  @  4729 Ellsworth Avenue   Pittsburgh, PA 15213    (412)  977-7751

Serving in Worship December 4, 2016

  • Welcoming/Ushers: Rachel Evans, TBD
  • Scripture: Luke 1:26-38
  • Sermon: Jay Slocum
  • ​Liturgical Assistant: Zach Wilson
  • Announcements: Glen Richards
  • Celebrant: Jay Slocum
  • Communion Assistance: Kyle Irwin (setup), Glen Richards
  • Music: David Sadd, Chris Hill (powerpoint)
  • Prayer Ministry: Bryan Perry, Jill King
  • Nursery: Smith Family x2
  • Pre-K Club: Julia Richards
  • Kid's Club: In the Service
  • Cooking: Jenn and Jon Salmans, Abby Eagleson
  • Setup: Nam Ho-Nyugen, Grenier Family (centerpieces)
  • Clean-up: Katherine Kirk, Nam Ho-Nyugen, TBDx2
  • Vestry Counters: Keith Brednich, Beto Park
  • Prayer Requests: Jessica Whipple

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